CIKM AnalytiCup

We invite industrial, government, and academic organizations to submit proposals to organize a Data Challenge for CIKM 2017. CIKM Data Challenges are analytics and programming contests based on datasets released by the organizations sponsoring the competitions. These contests will run for several months, with winners announced at the CIKM conference in November 2017.

Strong proposals will release interesting and novel datasets to the participants and propose tasks that are challenging, yet achievable within the expected timeline. To encourage broad participation in the challenge competition, tasks and data should be made publicly accessible where possible.

We will accept at most one Data Challenge in each of the six sectors of interest:

  • Mobility
  • Health and wellness
  • Finance
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Urban systems

Specific vs. Open Task Challenges

Specific Task Challenges involve a released dataset and a well-defined problem with clear evaluation metrics. Specific Tasks run on a data competition platform (e.g., Kaggle) that maintains a leaderboard for the participants. Semi-finalists are selected based on their standing on the leaderboard, and must then submit a 4-page report describing their algorithms and results.

Open Task Challenges involve a released dataset and two rounds of competition. In the first round, participating teams propose tasks by submitting a 500-word abstract. Teams selected in the first round are invited to submit an implementation or a demonstration of their respective proposed tasks in the second round.

Data Challenge Proposal Format

Proposals should answer the following questions:

  • Who are the organizers? Provide the names, affiliations, contact information, and brief bio of the organizers.
  • Which sector does the proposed Data Challenge belong to?
  • What is the dataset to be released? If there are privacy concerns regarding the data, we advise that the organizers first seek clearance from the legal department of their organization regarding the dataset release.
  • What prizes will be offered? Note that cash prizes will be shared between competitors and CIKM, to defray the expenses of hosting demonstrations of the finalists’ submissions at CIKM.
  • Do you require source code with submissions?
  • For a specific-task challenge:

  • What are the task and the evaluation metrics?
  • What competition infrastructure will be used? Our default hosting platform is Kaggle, which may impose fees to be borne by Challenge organizers. If you prefer to host it on your own infrastructure, specify the reasons and the resources you can commit to running the competition.
  • For an open-task challenge:

  • What are the criteria for assessing the quality of submissions?
  • What are the expected formats of the second-round submissions (e.g., mobile app, demo, poster)?
  • Identify an individual representing the organization who can participate in evaluating submissions together with the Data Challenge Co-Chairs.

The CIKM’17 AnalytiCup Co-Chairs are Xiaoli Li, A*STAR, Singapore; & Hady W. Lauw, Singapore Management University.

Important Dates

Selection of AnalytiCup Challenges - Completed

Specific-Task Challenges & Open-Task Challenges

Launch date