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DataSpark Mobility Open-Task Challenge Overview

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in Singapore, with an average of 1.5 devices per capita. These devices generate a large volume of signals that can be used to analyse the movement of people around the country. These data can be used to solve problems or create value in transportation, urban infrastructure, consumer lifestyle and many other areas, benefiting both citizens and businesses. The aim of this challenge is to use insights derived from telco mobility data, combined with other public data sources, to find creative and meaningful solutions to problems. You will create a mobile or web application to solve your proposed problem.

The competition will be conducted in three phases. In Phase 1, you may propose any problem you would like to solve in the area of Mobility—for example, transportation, health and fitness, urban planning, tourism or others. You must demonstrate the value of the problem being addressed, and its relevance to Mobility. As part of your proposed solution, you must also use at least one of the data APIs provided, and at least one other publicly-available data source (see Data Sources).

Shortlisted teams will be given access to the data APIs in Phase 2, and they will be required to develop data models, analysis methodologies and prototype applications to solve the proposed problem. Up to five teams from Phase 2 will be shortlisted for the Finals (Phase 3), which will take place at the CIKM conference in Singapore on 6 November 2017.

First Prize



Second Prize



Third Prize




Travel funds for the top five teams to present their solutions in person in the finals at CIKM.

DataSpark reserves the right not to award some of or all the prizes, if the competition criteria are not met.


Ying Li | Aloysius Lim

In collaboration with CIKM AnalytiCup Co-Chairs:

Hady W. Lauw | Xiaoli Li | Nik Spirin

Important Dates


Apr '17
Contest Begins


UTC +8


May '17
Phase 1
Proposal Submission Deadline


UTC +8


May '17
Phase 1
Semi-finalists Notification
12:00 UTC +8


Aug '17
Phase 2
Report Submission Deadline
18:00 UTC +8


Sep '17
Phase 2
Finalists Notification


Nov '17
Phase 3
Final Judging via Live Demo