Call for Demonstrations

CIKM 2017's demonstration sessions provide the opportunity for researchers and practitioners from academia, industry and government to interact while exploring the latest techniques for managing information and knowledge. We seek demonstrations that showcase exciting new technology and early prototypes, as well as case studies from more mature systems with innovative features and functionalities. (Demonstrations that focus on the marketing of products must be submitted to the exhibit program, rather than to the demonstration track.)

Submissions must make clear what the audience will experience while watching the demo; authors may convey this information through explanatory text, screenshots, and/or a video of the proposed demo. (It suffices to include a URL for video or for lengthy screenshots.) Submissions should describe the intended audience, point out the innovative aspects of the system being demonstrated, and explain how those aspects contribute to the state of the art in knowledge and information management. Submissions that are case studies should also explain the case being demonstrated. Submissions must include appropriate references to the literature.

It can be very difficult to describe a proposed demonstration without giving away the identity of that system. For that reason, authors have the option of making their submission double-blind, or including their names and affiliations. Submissions must be formatted according to http://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template (2017 ACM Master Article Template). Finally, a submission must be no more than 4 pages long (including references), and must be submitted as PDF. Authors may include an additional page to list the practical requirements for presenting their demonstrations. This additional page will not be included in conference proceedings.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Demonstrations Program Committee, who will evaluate the novelty of the technical features being demonstrated, the challenges in producing such a system, its expected impact, and its timeliness and relevance for the CIKM audience of practitioners and researchers. Submissions that describe case studies will also be evaluated on the importance of the case, and its relevance for other potential cases.

At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference before the final version submission deadline, and must attend the conference and present the work as scheduled in the conference program. Work that is not presented at the conference by one or more of its authors may be removed from the ACM Digital Library and may be removed from the final version of the proceedings.

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For further information, contact the Demonstration Program Committee Chairs at :