Keynote Speaker

Dr. K Ananth Krishnan

Tata Consultancy Services

The Hyperconnected Smart City

As the world gets hyper-connected, cities are evolving into complex ecosystems, technically and behaviourally. Machines and humans interact continually, generating streams of data and behavior patterns. To be a true smart city in a hyper-connected world, cities today have to use technology like a modern enterprise: build a digital spine; become intelligent and leverage automation. However, this technology core should be people centric. In a multiple stakeholder ecosystem, city administrators, industries and citizens, will look at the city from a different perspective and expect different experiences. Finally citizen experience will be the determinant of success of a smart city. While articulating this vision, Ananth will highlight how differently businesses must orient themselves in this environment.

Ananth directs research and innovation at TCS. He has architected a 4E model to make invention, innovation and co-innovation deliver value to TCS’ business and its customers. Under his leadership the TCS research community has created a significant portfolio of patents, papers and IP. Today Innovation Units have been set up in each business delivery unit. Ananth has been a member of TCS’ Corporate Think-Tank since 1999, and has led several strategic initiatives. He was elected a Fellow at the Indian Academy of Engineering (INAE) in recognition of his contributions towards engineering in 2013. He was named a Distinguished Alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Ananth has been listed in Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders (2007) and in Infoworld’s Top 25 CTOs (2007).

Dr. K Ananth Krishnan